Who are we?

Frederic "Rick" Schiller


Melanie Schiller


Nilsa Nilsa


Carmen Rosa Carazas


Delia Pacsi, Flor de María Ramos, Harry Sayllo, Marco Callapiña, Richard Alejos and Rogers Cordoba


Our cooks

Cosme “Condor”, Encarnación “Ñato”, Feliciano Quispe, Humberto, Eusebio, Chino and Cecilio belong to our team of cooks. All of them have been recognized as top quality professionals of outdoor cooking and are greatly responsible for our excellent record of happy clients. At Ecoinka we place priority in preparing well balanced, nutritious and tasty meals and our team of cooks are all well trained in the “Novandina” cuisine style that uses the natural foods of the Andes to prepare a variety of delicious, healthy meals.

Our porters

We are very proud of the group of people we have worked with for over 25 years as porters for our groups. Most of them come from the village of “Patakancha” in the highlands of Ollantaytambo and others from nearby villages, all in the buffer zone of Machu Picchu. We consider ourselves honored to be associated with this outstanding human group. All the porters we work with come from related family groups and give us the assurance of traveling with trustworthy companions. Some of them play native musical instruments in the evenings while on the treks. Their genuine respect for Mother Nature makes it easy to be a compatible part of the principles that rule our company.

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